Monday, May 18, 2009

Felt Passport Pocket

I am forever at a loss of finding things in my big overloaded purse. If I have to find my lipstick I have to take out everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING ie. feminine products) for the world to see before I can retrieve what it was I was looking for in the first place! So I absolutely LOVED this when I saw it! It is a felt passport pocket. It is bright and vibrant enough that I can see it in my avalanche of a bag and I won't have to take everything else out! What is also cool about this is you can customize the passport pocket to have your name on it (up to six letters)! The seller also has other pockets for other things in the shop. If you need one for a pocket mirror (and what girl doesn't?), they have that! Also another really cute one is the atm/debit card pockets. There are many different styles to chose from. I particularly love the one's with buttons on them. If you have been following my blog and peeking into my Etsy shop here you all know how much I love buttons! I couldn't help but imagine my wobbly chipboard epoxy buttons on these adorable little pockets. Anyhow if you plan on traveling soon and want to purchase one of these, why not head over to Jeynreyn's shop on Etsy found here and pick up one. They also make really cute gifts.


Tizzalicious said...

Very very cute!

nutmeg click said...

super cute! we live in India and jot over to China and Nepal pretty often, so i could really use one of those!


The LemonDrop Tree said...

thanks tizz and nutmeg.

nutmeg make sure you go on over to her shop and if you decide to purchase one of these please let her know how you found her (here on this blog!!!!!)