Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mini Favor Purses for Candy Tutorial

Oh how cute are these lil' wee mini purses?! These can be made and given out as favors at a wedding or customize them to give out at any type of party. Imagine little pink or light blue ones for a baby shower?! Make them and stick a little chocolate nugget bar in them. If you want to skip the step of inking (ie. save yourself the money from buying ink pads!) go ahead and use printed scrapbook paper. In the video she has you punch a hole and stick a little flowered brad into it. Only problem is one would not be able to actually open the purse which is no big deal since you can get out the candy from the side. But as an alternative if you don't want to do this, instead of punching the hole and adding the brad why not buy a long roll of velcro strip and cut itty bitty pieces? Once you do that you can just attach it with the sticky tape side of the velcro to the under side of the purse flap and VOILA!.... you have a little purse for chocolates!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kokeshi Spool Doll - Midori

I have fallen in love with "kawaii". Kawaii means cute in Japanese. I love anything that is packaged in that kawaii Japanese theme....think Hello Kitty! Anyhow on my hunt for all things kawaii I found this on Etsy. It is a cute spool doll named Midori which simply means "green" in Japanese. She is named Midori for her lovely granny smith apple hair. The lovely people over at sell these adorable little spool dolls. The cool thing about this is they even include the fabric ribbon you see in this picture! Wouldn't Midori look cute on your table next to your sewing machine?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fimo Flower Embellishments Tutorial

I came across this tutorial from the same ladies in my previous tutorial I uploaded. This time they are making Fimo flower petals. You may ask what that is. It is the art of designing and baking clay to make anything from jewelry to embellishments for your crafting needs. If you go on sites like Etsy you will see alot of folks making lovely jewelry from clay. In this tutorial she makes a flower embellishment for a card.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cupcakes or Tubcakes?!!!

I love these adorable little cupcakes! But before you think of taking a bite, I must warn you they are not edible. I know!....they look so darn real!!!! Who would have known?! Whats so beautiful about these are the colors and attention to detail. Even the name alone (Sweet Treats Lollipop and Mango Sorbet Mini Cupcake Bathbomb set) sounds mouth watering! They probably smell as wonderful as they look and sound! If you want to buy this little treat for either yourself or that special someone in your life visit Anita at her shop at While you are there take a look at the Ice Cream Cone soap!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Needle Felt Flowers Tutorial

So as soon as I saw this video my mind started racing with thoughts of what I can make and sell on Etsy!!!! Of course I'll probably never get around to doing so, so I thought I would share with you guys out in cyberspace! They use a heart shaped cookie cutter in this video I believe to make felt hearts but you can use anything I suppose. Imagine all the shapes one could make? And all the colors? My mouth is salivating!

Pin Toppers

Hey Folks

Ok I admit I have been gone for awhile now to say the least! But I'm BACK NOW! Anyhow I LOVE LOVE LOVE Etsy, can you all tell? While one of my shopping excursions I accidently came across this cute little pin topper for all you sewers out there. I found it in an Etsy shop named She has SO MANY styles from cupcakes to snails! Check it out. Ok I'm off to find some more Etsy treasures!