Monday, August 31, 2009

Felt Monster Tutorial

"ROOOOAAAAR!!!!"....says the little felt monster! So this is not your traditional doll. He doesn't have pretty long blond hair for you to comb or come with a wardrobe most women would kill for. In fact this doll has fangs to scare you with!!!! The problem is, he's not very scary, rather he is cute! But don't tell him that! His feelings might get hurt! Made of felt and embroidery floss he is also squeezable. You can find simple step by step instructions here if you'd like to make one yourself and perhaps hide under the bed giving some real meaning to "Mommy, there is a monster under my bed!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sock It To Me!!!

Ever wonder what to do with those orphaned socks? You know the one who's mate got lost in the Bermuda Triangle, other wise known as the dryer!!! Well fashion and home designer Orla Kiely has the perfect solution as seen in Rachael Ray's magazine. Turn those single socks into centerpieces! Its easy...mix and match socks of different colors and patterns, and slip them over jars, glasses or small plant pots. Snip off the sock bottoms so the pots stand flat on the table, and than fill with flowers or whatever else you fancy. Want an even smaller coffee table version? No problem...use little baby socks and slip them over miniature clay pots or juice tumblers!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Orange Kitty iPhone Cozy

"Meeeeow" says this cute little orange kitty iphone cozy! Made of felt, fleece, buttons, snaps and embroidery floss, this feline friend is sure to keep your iphone scratch free! But wait....if your not into cats, she has friends from the animal kingdom who all want to protect your precious investment. You can find the king of the jungle, a blond or chocolate teddy bear, a grey kitty, or this cute orange number here. If you check out the sold section you will also find her friends who have already found a home such as a bunny, lamb, and owl amongst other styles. The pocket of these cozies found in the front houses your iphone earbuds. The cozy has snaps so you can slide your iphone in and out with ease. Although this is designed for the iphone it will also fit the the ipod touch and ipod classic as well.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Customizable Drinking Glass Instructions

These beautiful....correction....stunning glasses caught my eye!!! I especially love the delicate yet intricate design on the first glass. It reminds me of a henna pattern that south asian brides adorn their bodies with just before the big day. Just as a bride's henna design is temporary so is the design on these glasses! Now you can customize your drinking glasses or just about anything else that has a smooth shiny surface with these lovely Mini-marks rub on transfers by American Crafts. The rub on transfers used in this design in particular is called "Catwalk Accents" but you can use any rub on transfers you can find. Its simple to do....

1) wash and dry your glass(es)
2) place rub on transfer design over glass and using the popsicle like stick that comes with most rub on transfer packages, begin rubbing over the design sheet until you see it coming of the sheet and adhering to the glass.

You can use these to personalize your guest's drinking glasses and take something from looking shabby to looking chic! Since these are temporary and will come off with washing you can do this over and over again! Of course this idea is not limited to just glasses. Imagine customizing a mirror to give as a gift?! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tiny Pin Cushion Tutorial

I may craft a lot and do diffferent kinds of crafts but one thing I do not do is sew! So this means I do not have sewing needles lying around but I do have other types of pins that need a little home. I came across this SUPER easy tutorial on making little tiny pin cushions. All it involves is ribbon, fabric, a needle and thread (I promise this is not REAL!), cotton batting, and a soda bottle cap!!! You can find the tutorial here. For some reason these remind me of little chef's hats! I love how they look and that you can make several in different types. If you are an ACTUAL sewer than this project will use up some of your scrap fabric pieces that you did not know what to do with. Its a win/win situation!