Thursday, May 27, 2010

DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms

So many brides or party hostesses look for inexpensive ways to brighten up the decor for that special day. Paper lanterns now have some competition with these beautiful yet delicate tissue paper pom poms. Martha Stewart makes a diy kit that you can find at your local Michaels craft store if you have one near by but why bother when you just need a few simple items to make these adorable floating eye candies. All you really need to purchase if you already don't have on hand is tissue paper (duh!), floral wire, monofilament, and some scissors. Follow the step by step instructions found here and get ready to ooh and aah everyone at your next soiree!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Almost Sugar Free Rock Candy Recipe

Old fashioned candy never looked so good! Rock candy or swizzle sticks as some call it have been around since the crack of dawn. Not only is rock candy yummy tp eat and fun to look at with all its beautiful rainbows of color but it can also double as an interesting science project in the art of crystalization. But honestly are we really interested in that right now? No I didn't think so! With its wide pallette of colors you can customize this candy to go with any party decor. Of course you can buy it in bulk but why not have some fun and make it at home intead? There are MANY rock candy recipes online but the one that caught my attention was the "sugar free" recipe...well almost sugar free! Now there is no reason to deprive that diabetic at your party or the one who's watching their weight. You can find the recipe here. To add flavor check out Lorann's Oils for candy. You can find them here. Ummm imagine mango or watermelon flavor rock candies? Oh the fun you can have!