Thursday, January 14, 2010

Iron On Pillow Case Transfer Project

Tired of DIY projects piling up because every time you start one you think "this one shouldn't take too long"? Before you know it you have several, and I do mean SEVERAL projects on the back burner and not even one complete...sigh! Well rest your head on this one! No...I mean your head on this one! This project should take you no more than one hour...tops! Make this for your special someone and put a smile on his/her face with these sweet little words. All you need is
  • Two pillowcases (light colors will work best)
  • Iron-on Transfer Paper for light colored fabrics. (tee-shirt transfer paper). Be sure that it is the correct type for your color printer. You will need two sheets.
  • Color printer
  • Scissors
  • Iron (no steam)
You can download the iron on transfers along with the instructions here. As usual...have a crafty day!

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Gift to Myself!!!!

You know how something on first sight can just take your breath away and make you say "Oh I love THAT!"? Then you just keep staring at it for days and tell yourself you NEED that or just can't live without it? Then you try to justify WHY you need that?! Then finally you purchase it telling yourself that its really not that much! Well this was exactly my reaction when I was browsing around on Etsy and accidently came across this acrylic laser cut necklace called "Whatever Lola Wants", and boy was I glad! It really was not a whole lot to spend on something this beautiful and unique. It was rather quite reasonable at $22.00 for a piece of neck art! So I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival and today I opened up my mailbox to see the big old box sitting there screaming at me...."open me, open me!" I rushed my package home, laid it down gently on the table and than just tore it open. There in front of me was my gift to myself for being a good girl! We all need to gift ourselves ever once in awhile don't we? Anyhow I took it out and the first thing I noticed was its craftsmanship. I can't believe someone made this! I would have paid double the price for it! The only problem I do have with it is now I need to go find the right top to wear it with! I think a cute little ruffled top might do the trick....think I need to gift myself AGAIN for not spending too much money the first time! If you've been a good girl and think you need to reward yourself than make your way over here to Untamed Menagerie's shop on Etsy. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snowman Cookies

Winter time brings so many great memories to mind...playing in the snow with my brother and snowball fights followed by a hot cup of cocoa. These little things stick out in my mind now that I'm an adult. I want to create new special memories that my daughter will cherish as she grows up. She loves to bake (or help with baking) so I promised myself I would spend one day a week doing this special activity with just her. She also has a creative artsy streak (ummm I wonder where that comes from?!) so I thought making these winter snowman cookies would be perfect! Plus I could not resist the lovely colors of the "disco dust" in the little pots used on the scarves of the snowmen! I just love color! If you want to create your own special memories making these cute winter themed cookies than click here....and as usual, have a crafty day!