Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DIY Daisy Pops Tutorial

What woman in your life would not like getting a bouquet of these? I found a tutorial to make these edible daisy bouquets here. These little breaths of sunshine are so easy to make which is always a bonus right?! They use Wilton candy melts which are readily available in most bake shop supply stores and Michaels craft stores. You can make them and than decorate them any which way you like. I like the picture at the bottom left showing the pops in a green canister with a bow! Or how about wrapping each pop individually with cellophane baggies like the one pictured at the bottom right and grouping off a dozen or so and wrapping one big bow on them. You can give it as an entire bouquet. Just add a little card to it and voila....you have an instant gift! My only problem with these is I don't know if I could help eating the whole bunch before they get to their destination!


GrandmaMarilyns said...

These look cool

The LemonDrop Tree said...

ya i thought so too GrandmaMarilyns!