Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DIY Butterfly Embellishment Drinking Straws

I know, its been quite some time since I posted. Seems like I say that a lot sometimes at the beginning of my posts! So its usually guilt that drives me to finding and posting an extra cute craft. So in the spirit of cute I present these dreamy fluttery butterfly straws, a different take on the umbrella in your drink embellishment. I know summer is some time off but these lemonade drinks just make me feel that much more ansy for summer to come. The people at Good Housekeeping bring you this latest craft with a downloadable template here. All you have to do is download, trace, cut, and decorate. YES its really THAT easy! Just trace one butterfly onto regular scrapbook material and the other onto vellum to create a layered look. Coordinate these with your next theme party. While your at it, make extras and attach a few on clear fishing line and hang from a tree or the ceiling. Hang butterflys everywhere to create a summer theme that everyone will be sure to love.