Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Printable Polka Dot Gift Tags

I love you my followers and those who pop in to my blog! Thats why I want to give you guys something. I found these diy free printable polka dot gift tags on the blog Hello, Good Gravy's site found here. Who doesn't love free huh? There are more free printables on that site ranging from candy colored gift tags similar to these to seed packet wrap around labelss, and to do lists. I love these in particular because of their vibrant colors and the fact you are not limited to a tag for a specific holiday ie. Christmas gift tags etc. Attach these to any gift or use them as journaling spots in your scrapbook layouts. The possibilites are limitless. Enjoy and thank you for visiting my blog!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DIY Flower Wrapped Favors

The LemonDrop Tree blog is all about bright, all about colorful, all about pretty and all about creativity. So when I saw this on the Martha Stewart site I knew I just had to share share share! These simple favors/party decorations/center pieces are easy to make and require just a few things. You will need acetate cylinders, tissue paper, and ribbon. Don't forget the candy by the way to fill the insides of the tube! To make just follow these simple easy instructions found here. These would look great with many of them grouped off together in may colors. I can imagine them on a tiered cake stand as a center piece. These would also look nice with tissue paper pom pom decorations that I blogged about awhile ago here. Pair them together for a festive look.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blythe Dolls....My NEW Love!

You guys all know how much I love whimsical things. I recently stumbled upon a collector's doll that adults seem to be going crazy over. It is called Blythe and apparently it has been around for AGES! I must admit I fell in love immediately with them....with their big heads and eyes on these little tiny bodies, amazing wardrobe, bright hair and so forth. Apparently the craze extends to customizing them with different color eye chips you can change to give a different look, like for example bright pink or purple eyes! People buy customized hair style wigs in every color under the sun for these things too! This doll has the BEST wardrobe I've ever seen on any doll! Imagine a pink fur coat and punk rock boots?! Just check Ebay to see the selection. So as you can tell with this much research into a doll, I HAD to find out the price so I could purchase one to play with, right? Well I did and they seem to start and go for $150!!!! Sniff sniff! I guess I can stop holding my breath waiting for one now!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Watermelon Popsicles and Ice Cubes

Now that summer vacation is just around the corner, the kiddies will most likely spend most of their time outside riding bikes, swimming, running around etc. One thing is for sure with the summer heat beating down their backs....they will be hungry and thirsty for something cold and refreshing. Nothing says refreshing like popsicles! However all that sugar with little to no health benefits has some people shying away from giving too much to their kids. So why not try to make your own watermelon fruit popsicles at home? They are simple to make, look great, and taste even better! Here is what you need to get you started;
Chunks of fresh fruit - try grapes, strawberries, or kiwi fruit

Puree watermelon and pour into Popsicle molds. Drop in chunks of fresh fruit, insert caps and place in freezer. Serve when frozen.
You can also puree your seedless watermelons and pour into ice trays. Drop in a pretty cube into your juice or seltzer for a refreshing summer time drink. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New This Month to the Shop.......

New to my shop this month are these VERY BIG Chipboard Epoxy Button!. This particular set comes in lovely feminine shades of light blue, pale yellow, light orange, and bright pink....not to mention the glitter buttons! You can't forget the glitter! There are nine buttons to this set in several different sizes just ready to embellish all your crafting needs. If you are a paper crafter such as a scrapbooker, these make beautiful embellishments for your layouts. However they are not limited to just paper crafts. I love how these turned out with the eclectic mix of doodled images in flowers, heart and crossbones, paislies, stitches, and the big fat diamond ring! However this diamond ring won't break your budget. The whole set comes for under $7.00! Now where can you find a diamond for that price?!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainbow Cake Necklace

Ummmm....Rainbow Cake! But its so fattening! Ahhh fear not. Not this little piece of heaven! I LOVE cake but can't stand the idea of all the extra calories, but now I can have cake without having to worry about getting heavier by the forkful! Etsy seller Sea of Creations has found a way for us to have our cake and watch our figures at the same time! In case you could not tell, this isn't really cake, its a charm necklace. And if you could not tell than its time to get your eyes tested! I love how kawaii or shall I say cute this is! The colors are absolutely beautiful! Makes me actually really want to have cake! In case you want some too you might want to check out this previous post of mine here on how to make a cake that looks just like this one!....and you can actually eat mine! But in case you perfer to do without the real thing but would still like a slice of cake you can find this cute necklace here.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tranparent Overlay Embellishments

I've been adding more things to my Etsy shop lately. One of the things I noticed that were hot in the scrapbook industry is transparent overlays. However they usually come in large 12x12 size sheets and for some reason I always feel bad cutting up a whole sheet when I just need a small portion. I always feel like I should be using the "whole" thing for a layout, not just bits and pieces. I ended up designing these "little" transparent overlay embellishments for your scrapbook layout or a greeting card. Now I don't feel guilty using them! I just love the color of these. Aside from the pink and yellow, the blue, green, and red are a transparent color! These are sure to cheer you up and add fun to your next paper project!