Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bright Blossoms

Yes say it ain't so?! TWO postings in a month? Wow that must mean I have some time on my hands? Not really!!!! My hands ARE full with three kids but I still take time out to appreciate life's little things! And I appreciate all things that make me whisper "eye candy!" So this next item didn't whisper it as so much scream it to me! I love these beautiful flowers especially because they are made of (and you'll never guess!) bags!!!! I know eh? Who would have guessed? I found this shop here on etsy selling them in all types of colors and materials. So even if you don't plan on buying them, take a peak in the shop just to make your day that much brighter!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Diy Barcode Wall Art

We all have boring open white spaces on our walls that could use a little eye candy sometimes. The problem is how to do and make something fun and interesting but not spend a ton of money. The following tutorial will show you how to recreate a magnified image of barcode wall art. This is as inexpensive as it is bold! All you need is a roll of electrical tape and some vinyl numbers found at an office supply store. The most important point if you choose this project is to make sure that your edges are perfectly straight. If you just wing it your lines will begin to look crooked and you won't get the look you want. Blue painter's tape is used here to maintain straight lines that can be removed when you are finished the barcode.