Thursday, July 29, 2010

Popsicles, Popsicles, and More Popsicles!

Etsy, crafts, and bright colors are a serious addiction for me! As if the countless hours on that site looking up truly unique things is not enough for me I found a new hobby....creating "treasuries". A treasury is a showcase of items from other people's shops that you admire. You can put it together by theme, colors, etc. My first showcase was inspired by my previous blog entry explaining how to make diy soaps. The popsicle soaps inspired me to look up all things "popsicle" related and voila...this is what I came up with. The colors are so bright, so vibrant that I just HAD to share! To get a closer look at each item featured in my treasury and where to purchase them click here.

Friday, July 23, 2010

DIY Soap Tutorials

The art of soap making goes back hundreds of years. Over time it has evolved from simple white square bars to something that can function as both a practical cleaning product and a decorative item. There are several great online tutorials to making soap but a really comprehensive sight that lists the different types of soap making process can be found here. Not only will you find the different methods but also everything from lotion formulas, coloring options, to building soap cutters and more. However if you feel like you can't master this fine art or don't have time then I suggest checking out this online shop for their cute popsicle soaps. You will find a wide range of glycerin soaps in Soapy Love's shop from these citrus soaps pictured here to "Peachy Keen", "Confetti Cupcake", "Candy Carousel" and more. I'm in love with the pink grapefruit ones! Be the hit of your next party with these as your centerpieces!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Printable Eye Chart Expression!

Reading those traditional eye charts at the eye doctor's office can get a little bit difficult sometimes. However your eyes won't have a hard time looking at these easy on the eyes eye chart expressions! The online store produces a PDF set of 18 different sayings in the form of these eye charts ranging from "I Love You Mom..." to "Your the Best Teacher..." etc. All you have to do after purchasing and downloading is print them on pretty bright blank cards like these.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Easy DIY Colorul Room Project

Colorful, fun, flirty, girly, feminine, vibrant, whimsical....all words that come to my mind when I see rooms like this! To achieve this look or something close to it is relatively easy. Buy several colorful pillows to decorate your room. If you are good at sewing, even better....make your own and save some of the fabric. Purchase a few plastic frames from a thrift store, dollar store, Walmart etc. (anywhere) along with Krylon Plastic Fusion paint. Lay your frames out on plastic sheeting or any other protective cloth. First prime your surface if needed and than spray away with 30 second intervals. Allow the paint to dry (approx. 30 minutes) and have yourself a colorful frame! Repeat a few additional times with your other frames using other colors to coordinate with the fabric within your pillows. Also purchase other plastic nic nacs of your choice like the owls in this picture and spray away in the same manner you did with the frames. Now remember that additional fabric I mentioned earlier to you diy sewers? Use that in the frame. For those of you who bought your pillows and don't have the extra matching fabric, no problems! Just use any other fabric that goes well....the print does not have to match the print of the fabric in the pillows for this project. You could even use scrapbook paper instead in the frames.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So "Tweet" Cookies!

Awww, these look so sweet! But what are they? They are cookies of course! But why do they look so smooth you may ask? That is because over at the blog "The Decorated Cookie" they were playing around with what the baking industry calls "poured icing sugar", a sugar you usually pour opposed to roll out like fondant or pipe. It is usually reserved for little baked goods like petite fours to give it that smooth finish. The Decorated Cookie blog has been gracious enough to share with us the "how to" to be found here if you'd like to take a stab at making these cute cookies. All I can say is, they are just so "tweet"!!!!!