Monday, September 22, 2008


This could either scare you or inspire a little giggle! I found this little adorable creature on flickr. There are literally hundreds of different styles! Each one comes with its own booklet detailing its life! They are sold on Etsy in Leslie Levings' You can also see them on her flickr
photos/leslielevings. These are so cute that one can start a collector's item!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


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Oh I absolutely love this! I can so see this in my little girl's room! My little girl has a beautiful bed set with butterflies and flowers on it. This would so match everything.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Tutti Frutti Collection of Epoxy/Chipboard Buttons

Hi folks....don't these chipboard buttons just remind you of summer?
Or better yet, a Tutti Frutti kind of dessert? Oh just looking at them
makes my mouth water! I'm thinking sorbet ice cream! Anyhow this collection is just so GIRLY! I can see it now.....a beautiful card for the parents of a new baby girl decorated with these fun buttons!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So Much Going On

So I haven't posted in a few days....I know I know....bad blogger! Anyhow since the last time I posted I made 3 MORE sales on Etsy! I sold these two plus the orange set from a previous post.I'm getting really inspired to make more. I feel like by buttons are cute and reasonably priced so they might do well. I'm going to add to the shapes. For the first little while I'll be sticking to my wobbly round ones but eventually I'll be adding wobbly square ones, hearts, stars etc. If anyone out there in the land of bloggers/cyber space would like to see a certain design of buttons, say for example an arrow or anything else, let me know. I design my own styles and have a local company cut them out for me. Also I have been busy with a few other things regarding my Etsy shop. I am getting a banner made for the shop as well as bag toppers. I am working on the packaging
aspect of my product. I also bought
cellophane bags to put them in. Now the product will have a professional store bought appeal to it.

On a side note, I was wandering through cyberspace today when I stumbled upon THIS site.... Oh my gosh, how cute and original Basically the idea is that this company will set up a booth at a party, wedding, corporate events etc. Guests can come in and make a 6 second video clip. There are a lot of props if the guests want to use them for the video. Anyhow after the video is complete, right in front of them a little flip book is made that they can take home. What is a flip book you ask? Remember in school when one would doodle on the corner of a page, and draw the same
thing on the next page but at a slightly different level, and continue
with this for several pages? Then
when you would flip through it, it would look like a moving object. Well
imagine that with your video on paper!!!!

Ok until next time....take care!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A SALE!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!

Ok so I made my FIRST sale and on my FIRST day on Etsy. I am so happy!
These are my FAVORITE ones too! I'm gonna have such a hard time sending these off too. I hope they'll be happy in their new home! I just love the color combination of the blue's and teal. I also love my doodling on them. I don't think I can ever recreate that again. The dots are no big deal but the flowers and scrolls is what I'm gonna mess up on! Anyhow sniff sniff, I had to let them go sooner or later.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cute Epoxy/Chipboard Buttons

So as a "scrap-a-holic" I have started designing my own custom made chipboard/epoxy buttons. I absolutely love these! The only word that comes to mind is "whimsical". This set I did in three different shades of orange. These are made with thick chipboard. I have seen chipboard buttons out in the market but what makes these so differnt is that usually what you see out in the stores is just chipboard. This is chipboard covered with epoxy. It gives it a "glass-like" look. To find out more about them visit my Etsy shop

Welcome to The LemonDrop Tree

Hi everyone. This is my first time blogging EVER so I am going to talk about what I love doing. I am what is called a Scrapaholic! Whats that you might ask? For those who are fellow members of my club, they will tell you that a Srapaholic is someone who is ADDICTED to scrapbooking! How does one get addicted to scrapbooking? Well its rather start of just dabbling in it like any other soon to be addiction! Than slowly you find yourself walking over to the scrapbooking aisle at your local craft store. You pick up one or two things not thinking much of it but one day you wake up to find that you now pretty much OWN the whole scrapbook supply store! One of the signs of this addiction is if you find yourself on Ebay all the time bidding on all things scrapbooking! Than there is Etsy....oh Etsy (sigh)! As if Ebay is not bad enough, now there is another site where I can buy cute handmade scrapbooking stuff. Anyhow I'm off. There is a picture calling my name to be thoughtfully layed out in a scrapbook layout. I gotta you know what!!!!