Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make Your Own Shadowbox Art with Doll Clothes

Did you collect dolls as a little girl? How about all those clothes, shoes, hats etc?! Remember all the hours spent just changing their clothes? Childhood was so much fun and being a little girl was even better. Now you can go down memory lane by decorating your little girl's room with these sweet shadowbox frames with doll clothes in it. Its very simple. First purchase any number of shadowboxes. Once you have those buy coordinating decorative paper....scrapbooking paper works well since there is a LARGE variety! Cut to size and glue to the inner back of the shadowbox frame, the part that comes out. Next attach double sided tape to the little outfits and stick those to the paper. Fit the back into the frame and voila....you've made yourself a pretty darn cute decoration piece! If any of you try this take pictures and please do show and tell us here!

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radn said...

I am featuring this project in my next article.