Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Kawaii means "cute" in Japanese. When I think of the word kawaii I think of, you guessed it!....HELLO KITTY!!!! I'm a big Hello Kitty fan, so I was delighted when I saw these adorable little cakes on a stick a.k.a. Cake Pops in her honor! I have never made one of these or let alone any cake pop in my life so I thought it would be difficult. I was shockingly surprised when I read the tutorial on how to assemble these cute little kitty treats. Our good friends at posted the "how to" on their site. Click on the title above to be taken there. What surprised me the most was how they were able to make the cute pointy little Hello Kitty ears. It turns out all it is, is little two white chocolate chips that kind of look like mini Hershey Kisses dipped in melted chocolate and attached to the cake head!

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