Sunday, July 11, 2010

Easy DIY Colorul Room Project

Colorful, fun, flirty, girly, feminine, vibrant, whimsical....all words that come to my mind when I see rooms like this! To achieve this look or something close to it is relatively easy. Buy several colorful pillows to decorate your room. If you are good at sewing, even better....make your own and save some of the fabric. Purchase a few plastic frames from a thrift store, dollar store, Walmart etc. (anywhere) along with Krylon Plastic Fusion paint. Lay your frames out on plastic sheeting or any other protective cloth. First prime your surface if needed and than spray away with 30 second intervals. Allow the paint to dry (approx. 30 minutes) and have yourself a colorful frame! Repeat a few additional times with your other frames using other colors to coordinate with the fabric within your pillows. Also purchase other plastic nic nacs of your choice like the owls in this picture and spray away in the same manner you did with the frames. Now remember that additional fabric I mentioned earlier to you diy sewers? Use that in the frame. For those of you who bought your pillows and don't have the extra matching fabric, no problems! Just use any other fabric that goes well....the print does not have to match the print of the fabric in the pillows for this project. You could even use scrapbook paper instead in the frames.


aiman said...

thats such a wonderful project!....i love the colors of the room.....esp the frmes and the owl(which aren't so clear but look cute nevertheless! it!

Anonymous said...

This is a great post!
After the summer, we are planning to redecorate my studio and my girl's room, and this comes in handy. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.