Friday, July 23, 2010

DIY Soap Tutorials

The art of soap making goes back hundreds of years. Over time it has evolved from simple white square bars to something that can function as both a practical cleaning product and a decorative item. There are several great online tutorials to making soap but a really comprehensive sight that lists the different types of soap making process can be found here. Not only will you find the different methods but also everything from lotion formulas, coloring options, to building soap cutters and more. However if you feel like you can't master this fine art or don't have time then I suggest checking out this online shop for their cute popsicle soaps. You will find a wide range of glycerin soaps in Soapy Love's shop from these citrus soaps pictured here to "Peachy Keen", "Confetti Cupcake", "Candy Carousel" and more. I'm in love with the pink grapefruit ones! Be the hit of your next party with these as your centerpieces!


Major said...

Very cute indeed! Just don't go confusing them with actual Popsicle.
I've also found a neat little resource for soap making over at Please let me know what you think of it if you get the chance, as I'm thinking of getting their book.

Pink Martini said...

So pretty. I love the transparency. :)