Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blythe Dolls....My NEW Love!

You guys all know how much I love whimsical things. I recently stumbled upon a collector's doll that adults seem to be going crazy over. It is called Blythe and apparently it has been around for AGES! I must admit I fell in love immediately with them....with their big heads and eyes on these little tiny bodies, amazing wardrobe, bright hair and so forth. Apparently the craze extends to customizing them with different color eye chips you can change to give a different look, like for example bright pink or purple eyes! People buy customized hair style wigs in every color under the sun for these things too! This doll has the BEST wardrobe I've ever seen on any doll! Imagine a pink fur coat and punk rock boots?! Just check Ebay to see the selection. So as you can tell with this much research into a doll, I HAD to find out the price so I could purchase one to play with, right? Well I did and they seem to start and go for $150!!!! Sniff sniff! I guess I can stop holding my breath waiting for one now!


Mesha said...

Ahh, I love dolls so much haha.
I've been wanting one fro a while, but not a Blythe - I want a Pullip ! They're slightly different from Blythes but still have the same whimsical flare - and they're cheaper ! Haha

The LemonDrop Tree said...

Mesha....thanks for telling me about hte Pullip doll....I'm gonna go check it out. Cheaper is always!

Thanks for coming by my blog.