Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shooby Boo Loves Spring

Who is this little guy hiding behind his floral tree you might ask? Well its none other than Shooby Boo! He's a colorful sock monster who belongs to the "Kapooshie Monster Family." Shooby Boo is sewn from one sock, embellished with Fimo-Soft clay buttons and he holds a stem of felt flowers. He comes with personal id as well. But thats not the best part! He wears a little necklace around his neck that can double as a bracelet for you!!!! He likes to share....how cool is that?!!!! If you want to adopt this lovable monster (oh he doesn't bite....did I mention that?!) than just click on the title to be taken to where he currently resides along with many others of his kind. I hope he finds a good home. Will you be the one to take him in? Let us know!

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