Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hand Loomed Straw Flower Tutorial

Vintage inspired crafts of the 60's can be so hip and colorful sometimes. Take a look at these straw (synthetic raffia) flowers for example. Not only is the display bright and beautiful to look at but the flowers themselves are cheerful looking! These flowers were made on a loom. A what???!!! Remember those plastic circle thinga-ma-bobs with pegs that we would wind yarn on in figure eight patterns in art class when we were kids? Ya, those!!!! To purchase them you can head over to Ebay or you can purchase them in a pack from an Etsy seller named cathyofcalifornia. Cathy Callahan from Cathy of California's shop herself demonstrates how to make these bright flowers on the Martha Stewart show. Just click on the title above for instructions. You can also see a video tutorial by following the link to the Martha Stewart site and clicking on the "watch video" tab at the bottom of the picture there. Whats so wonderful about these flowers is the endless possibilities in crafting. You can make these and attach it to a hair clip. These would also be lovely as brooches to dress up a shirt. Attach them around a wrist cuff and you have an instant cute accessory! The only limit is your imagination! Enjoy!

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