Monday, July 4, 2011

Sweet Shoppe Party

So for awhile I have been fascinated with Amy Atlas' work. If you do not know who she is, she is the Queen of the dessert table! You can see her work almost on any blog that speaks about candy buffets, dessert tables etc. And if you have not heard of her I suggest you do a quick google search and get ready to feast your eyes on the best eye candy you will ever see! Anyhow inspired by her lovely work I wanted to take a stab at creating my own candy buffet table for a Sweet Shoppe Party I hosted for my daughter. My color theme was hot pink, orange, yellow, and hints of blue. I loved how it turned out! The candy buffet table had a lot of vintage inspired items on it from vintage candy buttons, rock candy on a stick and strings, to wax liquid candy filled bottles. Even some of the jars I used had a semi vintage apothecary jar feel to it. I have posted more pictures for your viewing pleasure here. Should you want to host your own party and have questions on where to purchase some of these items then feel free to leave me a comment and I'll do my best to respond!

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