Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whimsical Fun DIY Decorated Water Bottles

For awhile I've been thinking of throwing my daughter a party. I have to say the most fun part is thinking of a theme and decorating around it. There are websites that provide endless inspiration. However the biggest thrill is when you could put something together that is SUPER CHEAP! Yes that's right, I said cheap!!! So with that being my inspiration my latest craft I give you are these cute little diy decorated water bottles. All you need is a case of the small water bottles and a roll of large size kawaii deco tape. You can find kawaii deco tape on Etsy by doing a simple search under the supplies category.


1) Measure the circumference around your bottle.
2) Cut tape according to length.
3) Peel off backing and adhere to bottle(s).

It's that simple!

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CeciCooper said...

At one of my birthday parties when I was a kid, we bought those kits where you can draw on paper, and then put the paper inside a plastic mug. Pretty ugly, looking back on it, but we loved making them, and I loved that mug for ages!