Saturday, October 23, 2010

Diy Butterfly Cookies

I love parties, I love food (especially the kind thats not healthy for you!), and I love decorations! In fact the sites that I frequent the most are diy party decorating ones. So I was so happy to stumble upon this little one in one of my extremely early morning (ok I admit its late night but who's keeping tabs, right?) surfing sessions. This adorable butterfly cookie tutorial was made and shared by the good folks over at Bird Craft blog. Not only do they share the "how to's" but also link you to where you can find the supplies to make these sugary sweet treats! This would be perfect for any garden themed party whether its a ladies brunch, or a little girl's tea party. Think you have what it takes to bring out the Betty Crocker in you? Than click here and bake away!

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CeciCooper said...

Butterfly cookies have got to be the most fun to decorate... you can do so many different designs on them with lots of color and they'll all look pretty!