Thursday, August 19, 2010

Schools Back!....Freebie Time!

So as a kid the time I hated MOST was August. Why? Because it was that time of year that all the "back to school" commercials were shown on tv reminding us that our freedom was about to come to an end! It didn't matter how cute the item was that they were selling....cute could not cure that sinking feeling I had in my stomach.

As an adult now, my feelings could not be more different! I LOVE this month! Why? Because it is that time of the year that reminds ME of how I might be getting back some of MY FREEDOM by sending my child off to!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love her a lot but every parent enjoys those few silent moments in the day that only school can provide you! In celebration of going back to school I found this most adorable desktop wallpaper background calender available in different sizes for download here, thanks to BerrySprite. Make sure you visit her Flickr stream.....she's got some of the cutest things! So to all my fellow mommies out there....CONGRATULATIONS on surviving yet another summer!


LollisTrinkets said...

I love that kind of stuff! lol I'm a dork!

The LemonDrop Tree said... and me both...ha ha ha!!!!!!!!