Saturday, October 17, 2009

Textbook Copy Wall Art Tutorial

A few years back I had purchased a copy of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I don't know why considering I don't own a home nor a garden! But that didn't stop me none the less from handing over my husband's hard earned money (yes you read husband's money and not mine....why should I part with my money when I can spend his?!!!!!) to purchase a would be dream for the future...a HOUSE! Well I still don't have that house or garden but I still like to flip through that magazine every once in awhile. Something that caught my eye that one day I hope to try out is this project of the textbook copy wall art that I want to share with you all. Its fairly simple judging from the instructions below and looks great!

For this large canvas, simply return to old college textbooks for words and phrases you like and enlarge them on 11x17-inch paper. After trimming the pages close to the text, glue the papers to a large piece of canvas. Cut colorful tissue paper into irregular shapes. Using glue diluted 3:1 with water and a wide paintbrush, affix the tissue-paper shapes to the canvas. When the tissue gets wet from the glue, the words show through.

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