Friday, October 9, 2009

DIY Ice-Cream Soda for a Party or Wedding

Pretty things always catch my eye and attention! It doesn't matter if they are functional or not, I still have to have it! A little while back I spent over $100 buying acrylic paint just because it came in cute little bottles...they looked nice! It didn't matter that I didn't really need them but for some reason I HAD to have them! Just recently I bought MANY buttons, again not because I needed them, but because they looked so nice all separated into their individual colors! So it should come as a bit of a surprise that this next project is both pretty AND functional! Amy from "Eat Drink Chic" came up with these pretty retro inspired soda bottle labels found here. As Amy mentions on her blog you can use these for your party or wedding to create your own Soda Shop or to add a gorgeous beverage stand to your ice cream parlor themed party. Guests can select from a brightly colored array of flavored sodas to make their own delicious Ice-Cream Sodas! It doesn't end there! She has also created labels for the bottle caps! But hold on....what about the soda itself? Well it justs so happens that she's included a link to a recipe on how to create your own soda! Now I can't wait for summer to come back around so I can throw a party with my very own Soda Shop!

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missbmckay said...

Love,love, love this idea. Alcohol is usually served at receptions, but my hubby and I want to do our vow renewal next year for #10! We have children, and most of our friends, so this will be fun for them, and safe for the adults driving themselves and the little ones home. Thanks for the link!