Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mini Favor Purses for Candy Tutorial

Oh how cute are these lil' wee mini purses?! These can be made and given out as favors at a wedding or customize them to give out at any type of party. Imagine little pink or light blue ones for a baby shower?! Make them and stick a little chocolate nugget bar in them. If you want to skip the step of inking (ie. save yourself the money from buying ink pads!) go ahead and use printed scrapbook paper. In the video she has you punch a hole and stick a little flowered brad into it. Only problem is one would not be able to actually open the purse which is no big deal since you can get out the candy from the side. But as an alternative if you don't want to do this, instead of punching the hole and adding the brad why not buy a long roll of velcro strip and cut itty bitty pieces? Once you do that you can just attach it with the sticky tape side of the velcro to the under side of the purse flap and VOILA!.... you have a little purse for chocolates!

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