Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kokeshi Spool Doll - Midori

I have fallen in love with "kawaii". Kawaii means cute in Japanese. I love anything that is packaged in that kawaii Japanese theme....think Hello Kitty! Anyhow on my hunt for all things kawaii I found this on Etsy. It is a cute spool doll named Midori which simply means "green" in Japanese. She is named Midori for her lovely granny smith apple hair. The lovely people over at www.wunderkind.etsy.com sell these adorable little spool dolls. The cool thing about this is they even include the fabric ribbon you see in this picture! Wouldn't Midori look cute on your table next to your sewing machine?

1 comment:

Marquita said...

She would look cute anywhere you can imagine :-)