Friday, May 6, 2011

Watermelon and Cantaloupe Fruit Popsicles

And the world's WORST blogger award goes to (drum roll please) guessed it!.....The LemonDrop Tree!!! Yes it really has been over three months since my last post! Don't worry, its not just my blog that has been neglected....just about everything else in my life has been neglected too because of those time/energy/fun/life sucking creatures I call my kids! I DO love them but sometimes I want to... (*note* keep thoughts to self!) Anyhow I'm back...for now! My adventures in late night internet surfing brings me to these little oh so easy fruit popsicle delights courtesy of the Bakers Royale blog! Who doesn't love popsicles?! All you need is a watermelon and cantaloupe. Cut the watermelon in slices and cut out flowers using a metal flower cookie cutter. Cut out the center using a round cookie cutter. Discard round center in mouth! Moving on along....using a melon baller, scoop out balls from the cantaloupe and place them in the middle of the watermelon flowers. You can also reverse this and cut out flowers from the cantaloupe and balls from the watermelon to achieve the look in the picture. Next insert popsicle sticks prior to serving to avoid getting them soggy and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

how cute! and such a healthy option too, something that looks like sugar but is fruit! love it! my kids would love it too. I am going to try this for sure!
I have some of those creatures too... that take up my time... DH is bathing them now as I type, which is why I am even typing this comment... but I can hear crying so my time is limited. LOL.