Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DIY Paper Mache Nesting Bowls

Do you remember as a kid getting your hands all sticky and making paper mache sculptures around a balloon? It was always so fun to get your hands all sticky and dirty but my sculpture always turned out a bit "awkward" to say the least! Besides who wants to keep a bunch of black and white newspaper strips in the form of a balloon as a decoration anyways?!!! Thanks to blogger and now author Patricia Zapata now you can be a kid all over again and make these super cute, super colorful, and super easy nesting paper mache bowls by clicking here. This is still a kid friendly craft but with a grown up sense of appeal! When finished fill them up with candy or what ever else suits your taste and get ready to show them off on the coffee table!


Gwen said...

Great post. By the way I added your button so can you add my button too?

The LemonDrop Tree said...

thanks Gwen...yes I added your link, thanks for stopping by!