Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Customizable Drinking Glass Instructions

These beautiful....correction....stunning glasses caught my eye!!! I especially love the delicate yet intricate design on the first glass. It reminds me of a henna pattern that south asian brides adorn their bodies with just before the big day. Just as a bride's henna design is temporary so is the design on these glasses! Now you can customize your drinking glasses or just about anything else that has a smooth shiny surface with these lovely Mini-marks rub on transfers by American Crafts. The rub on transfers used in this design in particular is called "Catwalk Accents" but you can use any rub on transfers you can find. Its simple to do....

1) wash and dry your glass(es)
2) place rub on transfer design over glass and using the popsicle like stick that comes with most rub on transfer packages, begin rubbing over the design sheet until you see it coming of the sheet and adhering to the glass.

You can use these to personalize your guest's drinking glasses and take something from looking shabby to looking chic! Since these are temporary and will come off with washing you can do this over and over again! Of course this idea is not limited to just glasses. Imagine customizing a mirror to give as a gift?! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!


MunchkinMama said...

Neat project and super cute blog!! I may have to delve into this for my sisters wedding! I added your button to my blog!! Becky ☺

MunchkinMama said...

Neat project and super cute blog! I may have to try these out for my sister's wedding. I put your button on my blog!! ☺