Monday, June 22, 2009

DIY Baby Kimono Template/Instructions

I recognize it has been awhile since my last post for which I apologize. I recently had a baby (a little boy) and have been kept away from writing on my blog. So in honor of my little munchkin I scoured the internet looking for all things baby craft related. Again and again I end up on the queen of all "good things" site (Martha Stewart) and this time I found a lovely diy baby kimono intructions. Although kimonos are only worn on special occasions in Japan now, these lovely pieces can add a wonderful touch to your baby's wardrobe. The template/instructions on how to make one can be found here. These are great for baby's who don't like there "onesies" to be pulled over their heads. The template is for size 0-3 months but instructions show you which size to enlarge the template to for bigger sizes. As usual, have a happy and crafty day!


LizzieG said...

Love the baby Kimono's - they are great fun!

Congratulations on your new baby boy. How wonderful! (and I think that's a good enough excuse for no blog posts recently!)

Best wishes to you all!

The LemonDrop Tree said...

Thanks for your kind words and well wishes LizzieG!