Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome to The LemonDrop Tree

Hi everyone. This is my first time blogging EVER so I am going to talk about what I love doing. I am what is called a Scrapaholic! Whats that you might ask? For those who are fellow members of my club, they will tell you that a Srapaholic is someone who is ADDICTED to scrapbooking! How does one get addicted to scrapbooking? Well its rather start of just dabbling in it like any other soon to be addiction! Than slowly you find yourself walking over to the scrapbooking aisle at your local craft store. You pick up one or two things not thinking much of it but one day you wake up to find that you now pretty much OWN the whole scrapbook supply store! One of the signs of this addiction is if you find yourself on Ebay all the time bidding on all things scrapbooking! Than there is Etsy....oh Etsy (sigh)! As if Ebay is not bad enough, now there is another site where I can buy cute handmade scrapbooking stuff. Anyhow I'm off. There is a picture calling my name to be thoughtfully layed out in a scrapbook layout. I gotta you know what!!!!

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